24 x 7 Monitoring and Alerting

  • Network and device availability
  • Immediate, automatic alerts and pre-failure indicators

Benefit Value
We’ll identity IT issues much faster—often before you You’ll see a reduced cost of downtime, and minimize the experience problems—and address them proactively. resulting lost opportunities, lost productivity, and service costs.

Asset Management

  • Initial network assessment
  • Asset inventory management
  • Detailed network audits
  • Warranty tracking

You’ll get accurate, up-to-date asset and warranty tracking for You’ll save money with better asset life-cycle management, and fire, flood and theft insurance or taxation purposes. you’ll never pay twice for maintenance.

Security Assurance

  • Baseline security scanning
  • Continuous monitoring for viruses, worms and malware
  • Automated verification of backup successes and failures

Protect your assets and data with round-the-clock protection from virus, malware and other attacks; achieve regulatory compliance with legislation relevant to your industry. You’ll reduce downtime and its associated costs, while increasing customer confidence.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Automated scripting
  • Automated security patching

Lengthen the lifespan of your assets and minimize technology Your team can get more done, and you’ll reduce expenditures on problems that reduce productivity emergency repairs.


You’ll always know exactly what’s going on in your network, you’ll be able to optimize every dollar you spend on IT based on detailed, graphical monthly reports and be able to identify and analyze pending issues with accurate, detailed data.

Regular Business Reviews

  • Detailed needs assessment
  • Set objectives and plan for improvements

An opportunity to prioritize projects, plan budgets, and discuss You’ll be able to conduct more accurate budget forecasting solution optimizations based on the facts.

What’s the benefit to my organization?

CD: The Break-Fix Scenario

  1. An IT problem occurs
  2. You discover the problem
  3. You place a phone call for support
  4. You describe the problem to the best of your ability
  5. Solution Provider technician spends time travelling to your site, or uses remote access tools to start digging around for the cause of the problem
  6. Problem is diagnosed
  7. Problem is resolved


  • Unpredictable service fees
  • Higher costs when problem resolution proves time-consuming
  • Depending on affected devices, downtime occurs and the associated costs mount (lost opportunities, lost productivity, and more)
  • With little or no historical performance data, diagnostics can take longer; and failing parts that have gone

The Managed Workplace Scenario

  1. Summit is alerted before or as the problem occurs because best practices monitoring and alerting is in place
  2. Summit instantly and accurately diagnoses problem in the Service Center.
  3. Summit conducts rapid remote remediation from the Service Center and resolves the problem in less time than it would take to find coat and keys.


  • You get the right technology expert on the job from the start, with fast, reliable resolution
  • Your team stays focused on core business activities
  • Many issues are detected and resolved proactively before you even notice
  • Downtime is significantly reduced or even eliminated, no more costly surprises