When it comes to IT, security is always a concern but it is not always easy to identify vulnerabilities in your network. Summit would like to meet with your team and provide a no-obligation health assessment of your computer network and business technology to help you identify these unknown threats and potential vulnerabilities.

Our assessment offers the following unique benefits:

  • Performed with a non-invasive data collector
  • No software installed or probes living on your network for days, weeks, or longer
  • Capable of scanning an average sized network in about 30 minutes

After the scan you will receive:

  • 6-8 page executive summary providing an overview of users and devices on the network with an associated risk score
  • Detailed analysis of each risk uncovered
  • An opportunity to discuss the findings with our security experts; we will be prepared to answer any questions that you have as well as offer guidance on potential next steps to increase your network security

Whether you are a business with a lot of IT support or a business with one technologically savvy employee who handles IT emergencies and upkeep, you can benefit from a security assessment to see how your network is doing.

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