Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is an enterprise-grade VoIP phone system. Delivered from the cloud, it keeps pace with your business and over 50 powerful features.


PC and Mac-based call control and monitoring

  • At a glance, know who’s on the phone
  • Call other employees by double clicking their tile within RingScape
  • Call anyone by dragging a phone number to the dial pad icon
  • Call any Outlook contact by right-clicking
  • Be alerted of incoming calls through a screen pop
  • Accept or reject an incoming call through the screen pop
  • Integrates with SalesForce and eAgent
  • RingScape also integrates with Microsoft Outlook to provide RingScape’s suite of features via the familiar Outlook interface

Auto Attendant:

Auto Attendant greets callers and directs them to the right person, department or information 24 hours/day

  • Multiple menus for day and night
  • Automated menu scheduling
  • Built in voicemail
  • Dial by name
  • Dial by extension
  • Ring multiple phones
  • Call queuing
  • Named ring groups
  • Bulletins for outbound information
  • Business continuity
  • Simple management via web portal


Hosted PBX’s powerful voicemail supports business challenges

  • Voicemail for each phone
  • 90 min of recording time per phone
  • 5 min per message
  • Touch “0” for operator (if applicable)
  • Group voicemail
  • Message waiting indication
  • Message key to access voicemail
  • Delete, skip or save messages
  • Change personal greeting and password
  • Numeric message count indicator
  • Send messages to another mailbox
  • Playback control when receiving messages by computer
  • Visual voicemail (listen to, forward and download voicemail messages online)
  • Voicemail to email (via WAV file)


Receive and send faxes without a fax machine

  • Dedicated fax number for each WebFax account
  • Use it personally or with a group
  • Faxes are received and stored in the online fax mailbox
  • Faxes can be automatically forwarded through email as a PDF to one or multiple people
  • Send any document from a Windows PC as a fax
  • Send to multiple fax numbers simultaneously
  • Create a cover page
  • Annotate and sign any document
  • Receive fax transmission success and fail alerts

Mobile Softphone:

The Mobile Softphone application provides a Hosted PBX phone extension to your mobile phone. Mobile Softphone is reliable and easy to setup

  • Calling features include call hold, transfer (blind and attended), forwarding (other number or voice mail), call waiting, conferencing (up to 4 other parties), speed dial and more
  • Offers mobile device capabilities such as native address book integration, push notifications for battery efficiency, detailed call history, call recorder and player, and more
  • The highest sound quality and cost savings via a mobile device data channel
  • Easy setup with QR codes for one-touch provisioning
  • Downloadable app from Apple iTunes and Google Play Store

Additional Features:

  • Direct Inbound Dialing (DID)
  • Multi Call Appearance
  • Customizable Hold Music
  • Auto Answer
  • Call Forward
  • Call Hold
  • Call Recording
  • Busy Call Forward
  • Call Log
  • Blind Call Transfer
  • Attended Call Transfer
  • Call Waiting
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Simultaneous Ringing
  • Page/Intercom
  • Overhead Paging
  • Mobile App (iOS, Android)
  • Call Park & Pickup
  • Directed Call Pickup
  • Inbound Caller Name
  • On Hook Dialing
  • Outlook Integration
  • Click to Call
  • Lobby Phone
  • 3-way Conferencing
  • Desktop Softphone
  • Auto Answer