Studies from big research and industry associations like Gartner and CompTIA have shown that the average small to medium-sized businesses lose thousands of dollars a year to network downtime. When servers that house critical data and applications go down, the entire organizations suffers.

If your servers are the brain of the IT infrastructure, then the network is the rest of the central nervous system. It does not matter how well your servers are running if there are problems on the network. Poor network performance reduces productivity and angers employees.
Summit delivers proactive managed services that keep your servers and network up and running at optimal efficiency, with superior performance, security, and reliability — all at an affordable price.

Server Stability with Minimal Effort

When you move to a managed service, the day-to-day activities are handed off to trusted IT professionals to free up your time to focus on the core business.

• Proactive maintenance and patches applied
• System monitoring that alerts to problems before or while they’re happening
• Problems diagnosed from the Summit Service Center
• Detailed system health reports to make more informed decisions
• Security monitoring and compliance management

How You Benefit From Network & Server Management

When you are no longer buried in the daily management of your infrastructure, you can do more for your business. Our detailed reporting can help you make more strategic decisions on your environment. Knowing there are potential problems before they arise takes the guesswork out of the process.

Summit optimizes your environment while proactively addressing issues so that your systems run at peak performance. Moving the management of your key systems to us can offer lower your costs and improve uptime and availability.

While we are at it, we also offer services for the rest of your environment, including Data Security Management, Email Management, and Business Continuity.

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