Security is a top concern of every organization today. Major data breaches hit the headlines every week. There are multiple threats that you face today and it is getting more difficult to defend against them. It is almost impossible to protect against every possible vulnerability.

Companies of all sizes have now become targets of cyber-criminals. What they are looking for is sensitive data, which includes everything from financial information and client data, to HR records on employees. Cyber-criminals are also targeting small or midsize companies because they recognize that they hold valuable data and don’t have the resources that large enterprises do.

Data Security Approach

Employees are continuing to use personal devices to access corporate data and systems. They demand anytime/anywhere access to data. This can open your business up to potential vulnerabilities if they are not addressed. Data security requires a strategic approach. It has to become part of the organization’s culture.

Summit can help you audit your security requirements and help you plan for a strong defense. We can help you implement systems, processes, and policies designed to keep your data safe.

Once your data security plan is in place, we have the experts to help manage to it. We offload daily tasks like antivirus definitions updates, managing corporate, and branch firewalls. We can also monitor your environment for you. Vulnerability assessments should also be completed on a regular basis to limit new threats.

A comprehensive data security plan needs to include backup and recovery, as well as disaster recovery. You can read about Summit’s Business Continuity solutions here.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are entering organizations in all industries. These are either provided by the employer or brought into the workplace by the employees. These devices store email, access file sharing services, and connect to applications like your CRM.

What happens when an employee leaves the company or loses the device? Are there systems in place to wipe all of the corporate data off of the device? Summit works with multiple mobile device management vendors and can recommend the right solution. We can also manage the application for you going forward.

Data Security Assessment

Summit offers a comprehensive evaluation of your environment and business requirements. We will work with you to come up with a security plan to defend against the many threats that threaten your information security. Contact us today to see how we can help!

It is always better to plan before an attack or data breach then react to one after it occurs.


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