Data is growing exponentially in every organization, from small businesses and local governments, to large Fortune 50 enterprises. Data is the lifeblood of an organization. If there is a hardware or human error that wipes out a portion of that data, are you sure that you will be able to recover?

It is increasingly difficult to manage backups locally, particularly for teams that already stretched thin. Daily backups, if completed, are rarely tested to see if the data can be retrieved when an issue arises. And just backing up that data is difficult. As the amount of data grows, the time it takes to backup grows as well.

Managed Backup & Retrieval

Summit works with you to understand the entire data picture: Where critical data is stored and who accesses it. We can then help you develop a plan that takes the worry out of backing up your data. Moving to our managed service can enable your organization to take advantage of new technology.

Summit will help you:

• Reduce or eliminate backup windows
• Ensure there are redundant backups, onsite and offsite
• Improve data management by introducing new technologies where appropriate
• Deduplication and compression to reduce the amount of data you backup
• Test backups to ensure you can retrieve your data when you need it

Disaster Recovery as a Service

No matter what methods you use to back up your data, there are some events that could make it impossible to keep critical parts of the organization running. If a natural disaster like a fire, hurricane, or tornado does strike, what will it take to get your teams productive again? Can they work effectively from remote or temporary facilities?

Disaster Recovery (DR) goes well beyond just backing up data though. An effective DR plan not only maps out how to get mission-critical applications back up and running, but also plans where key personnel will work from. It is always more effective and less expensive to plan ahead of time instead of reacting when disaster hits.

In the past, many smaller organizations have been unable to implement a DR plan. It was simply too costly to build an identical server environment in another location far enough away that would not be affected. Today’s technology, led by virtualization, has changed this.

We also offer managed data security, server/network management, as well as business cloud solutions.


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