Email is a mission-critical application. It is one of the most used productivity tools used in many organizations. End users rely on their inbox to stay on top of projects. They rely on calendars to manage their daily tasks and appointments. They have very little tolerance if the system goes down.

While email is mission-critical, managing the servers is not. Day-to-day email management is time consuming. Time spent administering accounts, adding new users, deleting former employees, maintaining servers, and managing the frequent patches can usually be better spent on other projects.

The Case for Managed Email

Turning to Summit to manage your email environment provides you with many benefits. In most cases, costs actually drop while service levels go up. That is because our experts are dedicated to managing multiple clients email systems.

Summit takes the hard work out of delivering email. We manage inbox size limits, improve security, and assist with email archiving. Certain industries are required to maintain copies of email for a specified number of years in order to remain in compliance. We can manage those archives for you.

Move Email to the Cloud

We can take your email even further and help you move to the cloud. This gives you the benefit of cloud scalability for email storage as well as anytime/anywhere access with beyond five 9’s availability. The cloud also completely removes patch management and major upgrades. You are always running the latest version.

Learn more about Summit’s Hosted Email solutions to see how we can help your business!