Certain technologies are essential to the continuing operation of a business. However, IT specialists are being asked to focus on adding value to the business rather than the day-to-day maintenance of these systems. Some of these functions are perfectly suited for a managed solution provider such as Summit.

These are some critical technology functions that many organizations should evaluate outsourcing options.

Managed Data Security

Data security is at the top of any technology discussion today. Major data breaches are reported in the news on a regular basis. And it is not only the large enterprises that need to be concerned. Small and medium-sized organizations have become prime targets because they hold valuable data and might not have the data security resources of a Fortune 1000 enterprise.

Threats to data security are coming from multiple sources too. There are viruses and malware that routinely infect the network. Phishing attempts to infiltrate systems through harmless looking emails are also highly effective. And at the highest levels, cyber-criminals form organized hacking groups focused on stealing your data.

Because security is a moving target and a complex issue, it is very often beyond the reach of the typical small or medium-sized organization. It makes sense to partner with a team of data security experts who are dedicated to protecting your most valuable assets and devices.

Managed Email

Managing your own email environment is very labor-intensive. It can also be expensive. There are critical security patches that need to be installed on a regular basis. Email storage volumes can grow quickly, putting stress on the storage infrastructure. Managing new users and safely deleting old accounts can become a security vulnerability.

While email is a critical application to many organizations, they do not have the resources available to manage the environment effectively. This is an area where turning to a team of trusted professionals can pay multiple dividends. We also offer email hosting if you are looking for a reliable email host.

Server Management

Managing your technology infrastructure can drain resources. The network and servers require regular maintenance to perform at an optimal level. This includes applying software patches, adjusting configurations for system changes, and monitoring for potential problems.

While the business critical projects can remain the priority of internal technology teams, the day-to-day operations can be managed by Summit. Our team will proactively address possible problems before they become an issue. And our detailed reports will keep you informed on the health of your environment.

Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Businesses rely heavily on their data and applications. Unfortunately, there are times when file backups are unreliable and are difficult to recover. We find that quite often, the backups that are done daily are not tested to see if the data can actually be restored if needed.

And a business critical disaster recovery (DR) plan is often non-existent. This is why FEMA claims that 40% of small businesses that encounter a natural disaster never reopen their doors. It makes business sense to work with technology and business leaders to make sure that your business is not one of the 40%.