Summit provides expert access and support to our clients for a wide array of software products, from application development tools, systems, and data backup management, to core ERP programs and platforms.

We focus on solutions and partner with best-in-class software vendors.

IBM Software Solutions

Although we support many multi-platform and Windows-based software products, Summit has been an IBM Premier Business Partner for more than 20 years. We know why IBM Software is smarter software in many cases. Over the last three years, IBM has dramatically transformed its software portfolio with dozens of strategic acquisitions.

These initiatives and others have led to the world’s most comprehensive enterprise software portfolio. One that we can give you access and expertise to address business and IT needs.


Our partners help enable our clients in multiple areas. We provide the best-in-class software vendor partnerships that match your unique business needs.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Are you ready to accelerate your business growth? Do you want to win new customers, make more informed decisions, increase market share, eliminate inefficiencies, and increase profits?

We work with leading business intelligence solutions that can help you reach your goals. Harness the power of insightful analytics for your emerging business. Because it can be implemented in minutes, everyone in your organization can graphically visualize and share information, make better decisions, and act quickly on opportunities.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

A clear picture of your entire organization is critical to helping you manage and grow your business. Your team also requires up-to-the-minute data to make informed decisions. Relying on multiple silos of data can not only cause errors, but also lose business opportunities.

At Summit, we work with ERP solutions that meet the needs of your specific industry. Our teams work to understand your business and pair you with the vendor that can accelerate your business growth. Our systems will streamline, automate, and accelerate critical business processes.

Enterprise Password Management

It is generally agreed that IT security policies must control who is allowed to access specific information. To enforce such a policy it is of vital importance. The IT system and processes must be secure and users should be correctly identified and authorized.

Passwords are still the primary key for authentication. Therefore, it is crucial that passwords effectively secure the authentication of the correct person and accomplish that at the lowest possible cost. We have solutions that will work across multiple platforms, such as Active Directory (AD), iSeries (AS/400), Oracle, SAP, SQL, and more.

Imaging and Document Management

The promise of the “paperless office” has yet to materialize with many organizations. Physical documents and forms are still a crucial component of business. To help you get a handle on your document management needs, we work with several solutions.

Based on your business, we can provide you with solutions that cover the entire spectrum of enterprise-class document and imaging management. Scanning, storage, and retrieval of black and white documents, color images, spool files, overlays, emails, faxes, and audio/video content can be accomplished with a single system.

Business Continuity

Planned and unplanned downtime can come from many sources. Today, it is critical to keep an organization operational during a technology outage, loss of third party services, and facility destruction. If the processes and systems are not in place, these can cause irreversible damage to your organization.

We have multiple partners to provide the right solutions, which cover multiple platforms including x86, IBM Power Systems, iSeries (AS/500), and more. We work with you to determine your risks, risk tolerance, and budget to create a plan to keep your business systems safe.


Cyber risks are everywhere and come from many directions, including external and internal threats. We work with best-in-class security partners that offer intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion preventions systems (IPS), anti-malware and anti-virus, patch management, and physical security.

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving. Our team will work with you to develop a data security plan, audit your systems, and help make sure you are doing everything possible to eliminate threats before they occur and mitigate them after an incident.