In our interconnected world, the network is a key component of your infrastructure. End users have become accustomed to constant access to applications and data. They hold much of that data in the palms of their hands.

In order to keep your network running optimally, Summit takes a holistic view of your entire environment. Our network engineers and architects can help you build a network that meets your needs today and well beyond.

We have expertise and experience with every component on the network. This includes route/switch components at the core extending to the wired and wireless technologies at the edge. It is also important to have the right firewalls and security appliances in place to keep the network running optimally with maximum security.

Support for Your Network

Once your network is fully optimized and running smoothly, it is important to keep it that way. Network infrastructure is dynamic and adapts to changing demands. Summit has built a monitoring solution for the network to keep it healthy.

We are proactively alerted to many issues or abnormalities before there is a major problem. If the network does suffer an outage, we are notified immediately and ready to remedy the underlying problem.

Network Solutions

Summit has partnered with industry leading networking vendors. We support a wide range of solutions from companies like IBM, Cisco, Dell, and more. To design the best possible network solution at the right price, contact Summit today for a network infrastructure consultation.

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