IBM iSeries (AS/400) systems are unique compared to x86 industry standard servers (ISS). They are built for high volume transactions, performance, and unmatched reliability. They also require specialized skills to design, implement, and operate.

Summit is one of the very few IBM iSeries certified business partners in the Richmond, Virginia area. We have the expertise and experience to help you get the most out of your iSeries servers. We offer a full portfolio of service offerings.

iSeries Upgrades and Migrations

Maybe you need to consolidate your servers. Perhaps you simply want to increase the productivity of the hardware you have. Whatever your migration needs, without the right experts, you risk losing hundreds if not thousands of man-hours if not done properly.

Summit can provide you with migration services that will:

  • Help reduce migration timeframes
  • Make migration costs more predictable
  • Help facilitate a smooth transition with the lowest possible business interruption
  • Protect your valuable data

iSeries Maintenance and Support

At Summit, we understand the cost of downtime and its effect on your business. We provide an Annual Maintenance Service Contract, which removes the burden of reviewing the current operation system (OS) version and associated PTFs and time-consuming task of keeping your iSeries up to date.

Our services are available as part of annual support contract or on a la carte basis. These are some of the services that we offer:

IBM Program Temporary Fix (PTF) Maintenance:

  • One of our Summit iSeries engineers will connect to your iSeries to verify PTF levels (for the system and IBM applications) and gather performance statistics.
  • The Summit iSeries engineer will prepare a report detailing the recommended PTFs and known compatibility issues with those PTFs that the manufacturer has disclosed. This report will be submitted for approval and scheduling.
  • Upon approval, and at a mutually agreed upon time and date, the Summit iSeries engineer will install all recommended PTFs.
  • Based on performance statistics gathered, the Summit iSeries engineer will make recommendations on system hardware upgrades, if necessary.

iSeries Health Check:

  • While connected to the system, the iSeries engineer will examine the system to verify that it is running optimally, checking the following for any potential issues or problems:
  • History log and problem log of the OS/400
  • SLIC Service Log and Product Activity Log on the iSeries
  • Disk usage
  • IBM Service Director
  • CPU and Memory utilization

If any issues are found, the iSeries engineer will make recommendations for resolution.

iSeries Recovery Health Check:

When was the last time you were able to truly test your backups? For clients who are using IBM Power Systems/iSeries, Summit offers a Recovery Health Check that tests the recoverability of your system from your backups in the safety of our lab environment.

This service includes:

  • Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objective Validation
  • Thorough testing of recovery and documentation
  • Recovery report card suitable for internal or external audit requests
  • Recommendations for remediation, if needed

iSeries Educational Services

Summit has helped hundreds of clients implement and maintain their mission-critical applications on IBM mid-range platforms for over 20 years. We started with pre AS400 platforms to today’s Power iSeries Systems.

Summit has also provided the critical training that allows clients to operate these very reliable and durable servers at their maximum level. Every training engagement is customized to the individual client’s needs and capabilities.

iSeries Security Audit

As you do more business over the Internet, your markets and opportunities grow significantly. Information is shared with an expanding group of people and businesses. More than ever, data and systems are at risk of unwanted intrusion, theft, or sabotage from external and internal threats. You must guard against an ever-growing number of new entry points to your networks.

iSeries Security Audit highlights:

  • Plan for basic security functions and policies on iSeries Servers
    • System-level security
    • Security related system values
    • User profile authorities
    • Password profiles
  • User authentication plans and implementation covering i5 and OS user profiles
  • Network security planning and implementation specific to the iSeries LAN interface
  • Discussion of wider network topics that affect security including SSL, firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection, and protection
  • An assigned project manager to be the focal point for all communications and services

iSeries Security Plan

Summit knows what it takes to create an effective security plan for IBM iSeries systems. We work with you to plan for basic security functions on iSeries that will help you achieve the top security level for your environment. We take into account network security as well as physical security including computer room accessibility and power distribution.

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