Data is driving much of today’s economy. Business and government leaders are realizing that they have an invaluable resource hidden in their data. Now, there is a push to maximize the benefits from that information.

Industry research firm IDC has stated that the world’s data is doubling every 18 months. Most firms are struggling to keep up with their growing storage requirements. Continuously adding more disks might not be the answer. It is important to take a look at the overall organization and use systems that facilitate growth and simplified management.

Data Storage Options

There are is a dizzying array of storage options available. Summit works with you and our vendor partners to provide a solution that meets your needs today and allows for future growth.

Entry-Level Storage

For smaller and less complex environments, Summit offers solutions like the Storwize V3700, which provides a simple, efficient, and flexible approach to storage. IBM Storwize V3700 is an entry-level disk storage system designed with sophisticated capabilities unusual for a system of this class. Built upon the innovative technology in the Storwize family, Storwize V3700 addresses block storage requirements of small and medium-sized organizations at an affordable price.

NAS Solutions

Summit can help your organizations with selecting a Network Attached Storage (NAS) that meets your needs and provide high levels of application availability. Choosing when to use NAS versus other technologies available requires an understanding of your business requirements and the type of data that your organization uses.


Larger data consumers need enterprise-quality and size provided by solutions like IBM XIV. This high-end disk storage system installed in thousands of enterprises meets the challenge of data growth with hotspot-free performance and game-changing ease of use. Whether your organization is looking to take advantage of big data or simply needs high speed access to a very large volume of data, Summit can help you find the solution that is right for you.

Tape and Backup

There are many new ways to back up data. You can offload data to near-line, disk-based systems, and then archive to tape or cloud. For tape storage, Summit prefers IBM, which invented the concept of using tape recording media for commercial data storage. IBM has continued to develop innovative tape technologies, including high-speed tape drives like their line of Ultrium LTO. If your organization is looking to move toward a disk-based backup solution, we can guide you through that process.

Cloud Storage

Cloud is available in many forms. Low-cost public cloud storage is available, though you may trade some data security for lower cost. There are private cloud storage solutions that offer a higher level of security. You could also select a hybrid solution that matches the value of the data type with the cost of storage. At Summit, we partner with the highest rated cloud storage providers, such as IBM SmartCloud Enterprise.

Flash Systems

As companies experience unprecedented growth in the number of application concurrent users and transactions, lower latency demands a next generation of Flash storage. Flash storage is a storage method based on flash memory. Flash memory reduces energy consumption, requires less space than physical HDD and provides superior performance. Flash storage solutions provide the micro-latency, scalable performance and operational efficiency needed to unlock insights from growing volumes of data.

Storage Planning

We know that selecting the right storage solution based on your needs can be a complex process. Allow Summit to work with you to develop a data storage solution that works for you today and into the future. Contact Summit for an initial storage consultation today.