At Summit, we understand the value of partnerships. We have teamed up with the most successful technology vendors to bring reliable solutions to our customers. We are also committed to supporting our partner’s technology.


We believe that our small and medium-sized customers deserve the same enterprise-class solutions that we offer to our larger clients. Summit has partnered with IBM, HP, Lenovo, Dell, and Cisco. Our engineers are certified in these solutions so that we can design, implement, and support all of your server needs.

Data Storage

New storage technologies enter the market every day. The team of engineers at Summit will evaluate new technologies compared to other industry leaders. We will find the best solutions for you.

We can handle all of your storage needs,  including entry-level storage, NAS solutions for scalability and reliability, large data storage, and many options for backup options that makes sense for your business. Another top priority when it comes to data is data security, which is another area where we can help!.

Cloud storage can also provide larger mailboxes, which will reduce the time that users spend managing email, and have a reliable solution to archive email. Many industries are required to maintain emails for several years. This is an ideal application for affordable cloud storage.


Our clients purchase hardware in order to accomplish specific tasks. Many times this means pairing it with the right software. Our partnerships include Microsoft, VMware, Symantec, Vision Solutions, and more. We have, however, invested heavily in IBM software solutions.

IBM has quietly become one of the largest software companies. While many see them as a hardware manufacturer, IBM realized early on that customers only saw their hardware as a means to accomplish tasks that their software is designed to deliver


In today’s world the network is more important than ever. We count on being constantly connected. If there is an issue with the network, it is felt immediately.

At Summit, we help our customers build a network with a solid foundation. One that is fast and can adapt to changing business needs from the core to the edge. We can also monitor the network so that we are notified about any potential issues before they affect business.