Corporate email has become one of the most important communication tools for businesses. End users rely on their inbox throughout their day. They also depend on the calendaring features to manage their meetings and tasks that need to be completed. As a result, end users have very little tolerance when the email server goes down.

Companies spend a lot of time managing their email environment, primarily Exchange or Lotus Notes. These applications require frequent patching and periodic upgrades, and so do the servers that they run on. The patch process always has the potential for conflicts and disrupt the service. Upgrades are a major project with wide-reaching implications.

Why Hosted Email?

Cloud technologies have simplified email management while also eliminating the need for patches and upgrades once an organization migrates to the cloud. Adding and removing users can now be accomplished in a simple web portal. Expanding inbox storage requirements are also taken care of dynamically.

Microsoft Office 365 Migrations and Management

While moving to the cloud eliminates many email management headaches, there is still a migration that is required. This takes an understanding of the existing email system and the users combined with expertise with the cloud solution.
At Summit, many of our clients have made the decision to move to Office 365. That is why we have put together our Office 365 migration service. We work with you to accomplish what will be the last email migration you will ever have to perform.
Once your email is safely migrated to Microsoft’s data centers, our team is ready to help you manage the environment going forward.

Hosted Exchange and Custom Requirements

Sometimes organizations require more customization of their email environment. One common reason for this is that they have some more complex integrations between Exchange Server and other applications, such as CRM. If a solution like Office 365 will not meet your needs, Summit can work with you to create a custom solution that is right for you.